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Through my lens.

Friendship to me is one of the most precious things. Frienship is a bond between you and someone that is unique to you both. It’s a connection that brings joy and comfort. A happiness and contentment you can’t get anywhere else.

Friendship can be both complex and simple. Friendship requires time, patience, understanding and care. You have to look out for others in the ways that you would want them to look out for you.  Friendship sometimes involves telling your friend the harsh things they may want to hear.

Friendship is simple in how the connections form. Most connections don’t require much work. It’s either there or it isn’t. You can naturally get along with someone and then as the connection progresses, friendship grows.Friendship is important in our lives. Being good to others is our job as humans. Being a good friend is innate, especially to those we love. Here’s some tips  on how to ensure you’re being a good friend!


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